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Mobile Notary & Signing Service


Kati Boedeker

Insured and Bonded

National Notary Association Member

Located in North Fort Worth

off Bonds Ranch Road and HWY 287

Haslet ~ Keller ~ Saginaw ~ Lake Worth 

Fort Worth ~ Decatur ~ Denton ~ Grapevine


Notary by Kati

As a mobile notary, I will come to your

location to notarize documents. 

Two Pens


  • Signer personally appeared before the Notary on the date and in the county indicated on the Notary certificate. 

  • Signer was positively identified by the Notary through personal knowledge or acceptable identification document. 

  • The signer acknowledge to the Notary that he or she signed the document for the purposes stated in it and, if signing as the representative of another person or an entity, that he or she had proper authority to do so and signed as the act of that person or entity. 


  • Signer personally appeared before the Notary on the date and in the county indicate on the Notary certificate.

  • Notary watched the signer sign the document at the time of notarization. 

  • Notary administered the oath or affirmation to the signer.


Notary prices are governed by the State of Texas.  Additional fees may apply depending on time and location.

Customer Support

Do you have questions?  Feel Free to contact me.


Ready to book an appointment?  Available nights and weekends.

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